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Shabbat Art piece. Still artwork portrays a stunning and captivating still scene. 
This work is available as a reproduction on canvas in 3.
Canvas Artwork options: Limited Edition, Open edition and Aluminum metal print. Each in popular sizes listed below. If you want a special size, please contact us. 

Limited edition on canvas comes hand embellished, numbered and signed by artist. The reproduction is from a signed limited edition of 25. The exclusive nature of a limited edition print effectively raises it’s value and, therefore, it’s price. The edition number will be written on the back of the canvas and on the certificate of authenticity. “Limited Edition number X [the print number] of X [the total number of prints to be made].”

  • Limited edition comes embellished by hand.
  • Limited edition will be framed in the frame of your choice. You will be contacted after placing the order to select any free frame from here:

Open Edition on canvas comes fully framed. There’s no limit to the number of prints that can be made.

  • Each reproduction can be framed. Click View Options above.
  • Each reproduction is accompanied by the certificate of Authenticity.

Aluminum metal prints offer a unique way to display the artwork. The ink infused directly onto aluminum and the result is an impressive, luminous print full of vibrant color, vivid detail, and unsurpassed resolution, visual depth that they appear nearly 3D. This modern print style comes in high-gloss.
Aluminum metal prints transform images into lightweight, museum quality, metal wall art without the need for a frame or glass.

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