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Biblical Art Calligraphy. Fantastic depictions of so many scenes of Israel , Jewish Holidays and the Torah Bible. Each in spectacular micro calligraphy and color. Available in Acid Free digital reproductions and Glicee. Average size 40 x 30cm and 20 x 30cm and upto 51 x 37cm. (Eg: Yona, Red Sea, Hatikva)

Look closely and you will see a beautiful design formed word by word, letter by letter complexities and layers of Biblical text in the original Hebrew, transformed into exquisite artwork. A talent that the artist says is a true gift, a blessing from G-d. Israel artist creates her works from her home in Israel, using the stories and verses of the Torah and Scriptures. The unique style is executed through careful planning and logistics, which are integral elements in her creations. Using a fine point calligraphy pen dipped in water color paints, the Judaic artist creates fabulous pictures in full color, entirely from Biblical texts. The use of gematria often guides the number

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