3 Elements Baby Pin

3 Elements Baby Pin

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This jewel, made of sterling silver, uses it’s decorative elements for gaining the advantages offered by ancient knowledge of the Kabala.

This safety pin is literally a device for protecting the new born. While it serves as an appropriate gift for the new mother, and actually works for the infant as a handy pin, it possesses some additional effects. The collection offers 3 elements, as each is designed for specific effect; the total cluster outcome is for happy and secure baby.

The Hamsa, the Magen David and does works for protection, while the flourishing flower, symbolize happiness and joy.

The pin suits for decoration as well when displayed on bags, shirts etcƒ??

The Hamsa is an icon that signs an open palm when all 5 fingers are spread out, signaling a relation to the 5 Bible books, or relation to some holy power. It was originally ascribed to gesture made by the sister of Moses, who was considered at her time, to possess certain powers. It is considered in the Jewish and Me

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