God Bless You Pendant

God Bless You Pendant

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Sterling silverwhite gold pendant, set with diamond and engraved God Bless You .

The front side is set with diamond in a Magen-David icon. The diamond possesses qualities of health as it is the hardest element in nature. This vivid quality is intensified by the engraving of the 6 edges star called the Shield of David that stands for protection and safety. On the other side there is an engraving of a sentence quoted from the High Priest blessings, saying that God will bless you and protect you. The combination of the three (Magen David, Diamonds, and the engraved verses) creates a powerful Talisman.

At the ancient times, the people of Israel used to receive blessings from the High Priest – the Cohen – who raised his hands and pray repeating 3 times this verse. It was conceived then as the best way to be heaped with Gods blesses. By the years, it became commonly used that parents are blessing their children using versions of these words, before they leave home, or when going for r

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