Jerusalem Peace Pendant Gold Bar

Jerusalem Peace Pendant Gold Bar

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FIRST ISRAELI GOLD BAR DOVE OF PEACE 2012 5772. Grafted in Jerusalem Pendant – The Dove of Peace and the City of Jerusalem have been chosen as the central motifs for the design of the first Israeli Gold Bar. Jerusalem in Hebrew means City of Peace and the dove as a symbol of peace has a long history, dating from the story of Noah s Ark (Genesis 8:11), when the dove returned with an olive branch in its beak, signaling that the flood had ended and a new and better world awaited humanity.

Today, the Dove of Peace has become an emblem used by Peace Movements throughout the world.

The Gold Bar face is graced with a dove in flight over the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. Above is the word Jerusalem . The Bar reverses bears the Holy Land Mint Logo, gold fineness, Gold 999.9, weight and serial number of the bar out of the maximum mintage. Each bar is presented in Tamper Evident Packaging, which protects and maintains the quality of the Bar, fresh from the mint.

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